Minecraft World Downloads

UC Botany Final Backup (4.77 GB)
UC 1.18.2 Survival (3.42 GB)
UC 1.17.1 Survival (3.44 GB)
UC 1.15.2 Survival (939 MB)
UC 1.14.4 Survival (361 MB)
UC 1.14.4 Creative (3.73 MB)

Hey there!

This is a domain I bought for the UC Esports club. If anyone wants to use it in the future for a proper website, just send me a message.

I originally just bought it to use it for the club's Minecraft server, so there were no plans for an actual website at the time.

If you're looking for the Discord server, that's just: https://discord.gg/ucesports

The vanilla MC server is now down.
For the 1.18.2 Minecraft server's map, click me.

To contact me:
12brendan3#1337 over on Discord.
12brendan3 - gmail (email)